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An introduction to RESONANCE THERAPY
By Dr. Franz Lutz, Director of IRT and Matthew Cross, President of Leadership Alliance

BACKGROUND. Various European governments and landowners report that forests that were once dying are now being miraculously rejuvenated. Farmers report measurable increases in crop yields and livestock reproduction. People visiting and living on treated land areas experience enhanced well-being and a greater sense of community. What is going on here?

The answer is a remarkable method for conscious restoration and rejuvenation of ecosystems, people and the planet: Resonance Therapy. This new science, which at first sounds like something from a science fiction novel, defies "modern" scientific paradigms. Yet the results from Europe’s Institute for Resonance Therapy (IRT) near Dusseldorf, Germany are attracting increasing international attention from many agriculturists, environmentalists, therapists, scientists and governments.

IRT has now been using its unique energetic principles to revitalize dying ecosystems for ten years. Recognized by the Gorbachev Foundation and the European Economic Community (EEC) Environmental and Agricultural Department, IRT has been involved in revitalizing reserves in Russia, restoring parkland in Austria, and treating depleted farmland in England. Resonance Therapy has also demonstrated positive results for treating people as well.

IRT was founded in 1986 by German Naturopath Irene Lutz and Dr. Marion Hoensbroech in response to accelerated ecosystem degradation in Europe. For several decades Irene had been using Radionic techniques in her treatment of patients. Radionics is a healing method first discovered by Dr. Albert Abrams of Stanford University in the early 1900's and further developed by American physician Dr. Ruth Drown. IRT was created to apply these radionic principles to treating and restoring plant life and ecosystems, a technique first explored in the 1950's by engineer Curtis Upton.

Now headed by Dr. Franz Lutz, a medical doctor by training, IRT practices its healing methods on forests and parks as commissioned by governments and private landowners throughout Europe.

THEORY. IRT's work begins with the simple premise that

"A forest is a complex and self-organizing whole.
This whole is far greater than the sum of its parts..."

The scientifically meticulous IRT treatment protocol integrates Radionics (sending energy and information at a distance), Dr. Wilhelm Reich's life-energy work and tools, Dr. Paul Weiss' morphogenetic field theory, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake's morphic field resonance theory, self-organizing systems principles, and modern chaos theory. IRT believes that

"The process should not simply be effective,
it should also be subject to monitoring, reproduction
and explanation, enabling it to be passed on to others…"

Individual plants in an ecosystem communicate through "resonance" with the whole. The blueprint for the system is contained in an "attractor" (from Chaos theory); in times of accelerated change or stress, the system's attractor may no longer contain sufficient information for the system to continue to adapt, survive and evolve. This resonance (level and quality of communication) can be intuitively sensed by a treatment technician, working remotely with an aerial photograph or map (called a "resonator") of the area to be treated. Low resonance levels (as intersubjectively measured using the Bovis scale; see The Secret Life of Plants, Tompkins & Bird, 1973) indicate compromised health of the bioregion. IRT technicians then provide various solutions for the ecosystem to heal itself through the introduction of "informators," which are fractals or symbols that contain information about the fundamental structure of nature, and "transformators," which are fractals or symbols that contain quantum information that raises the organizational level of the ecosystem.
After a customized treatment course, the system develops a new compatible attractor and returns naturally to a state of health and vitality.

METHOD & PRACTICE. Treatment is performed on an intuitively determined "holon" (smallest complete bioregion not divided by political or manmade boundaries.) Resonance Therapy does not make use of intrusive management practices, and relies on instrumentation only to amplify the energies being directed at the holon by the treatment technician and method. A treatment of a particular area can take various amounts of time to complete. Treatments are typically administered five times a week, between two and four hours a day, with the plan of treatment being evaluated and changed to adapt to the progress of the holon every three to four weeks. The treatment technician must first diagnose the problem in the area, then select an appropriate informator/ transformator which relays the kind of information required to help the system to begin self-healing.
The chosen informator/ transformator is then aligned intuitively with the "critical rotation point" (the point at which the system's resonator and informator/ transformator are in phase and resonating.) The resonator, informator and transformator are then placed in a specialized radionic instrument to amplify the resonance effect and reduce healing time, with simultaneous life-energy amplification via specific orgone devices as required.

RESULTS. IRT's work is being scientifically and physically validated through before and after photography; comparing adjacent treated and untreated areas; increased vitality (measured according to accepted EU agricultural standards, e.g. leaf density, root growth, reproductive capacity, increased biodiversity, etc.) and by intuitive sensing of soil vitality. Independent research agencies determine and confirm the success of Resonance Therapy treatment.

MISSION. IRT would like to bring Resonance Therapy and its growing results into mainstream modern science, emphasizing replicability of experiments and measurability of results in terms that are meaningful to ecologists and scientists around the world. Part of this process will involve introducing the measurable effects of intuitive processes in treatment and creating a common terminology. IRT believes this is a key stepping stone for all further developments in the field of subtle energy work.

"I am convinced that the intriguing work of IRT and Dr. Lutz is of
paramount importance to us all. I think a big story is brewing here."

-Colin Andrews, President; C.P.R. International

The Resonance Effect: An Introduction to Resonance Therapy, by Dr. Franz Lutz, Director of IRT and Matthew Cross. This 90 minute audio dialogue with Resonance Cyclopedia is an excellent overview of IRT’s work and methods. Program cost is 20.00. To order, contact Leadership Alliance at 1-800-669-1618 or email:

Institute for Resonance Therapy (IRT) Cappenberg, Am Struckmansberg 32, D-44534 Lünen, Germany.



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